Weight-loss Services​

Helping you lose and manage your weight

Tailored nutritional plans and weight-loss prescriptions and supplements prescribed by a doctor for women and men struggling to lose weight.

Losing weight is not easy for everyone

You tried diet plans but they don't work
You try to eat healthy, but you still gain weight
You are stressed and burned out past yo-yo dieting

Here's How We Help You Lose and Manage Your Weight

There is no one-size fit all weight-loss treatment, so we tailor each plan for each person.

Consultation & Assessment

We take a look at your health history, current medications, and what's happening today to create a plan tailored to you.

Simple & Easy to Follow Plans

Life is already hectic and you are busy, so we make your nutritional and weight-loss plans simple to follow.

Support & Accountability​

Dr Nicole provides 1:1 support by answering your questions during the weight-loss program and treatments.​

Our Weight-loss Services Delivered by Dr. Nicole, a certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician with 15+ years experience

Weight-loss Services

Diet Plans

Your step-by-step plan of how to eat nutritional and good food.

Exercise Plans

Your step-by-step plan of exercise to move your body.

B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 increases your energy and metabolism.

Lipo Injections​​

Help to burn fat, giving your body a more sculpted look.

Weight-loss Medications

Prescriptions and in-office administration.

Weight-loss Supplements

Vitamins and supplements that assist with weight management.


How to Get Started

Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards has 15+ years experience in clinical medicine. She offers a holistic and integrative approach to her services.

01. Schedule a Complimentary Consult

On the call, we’ll determine how we can assist you with.

02. Get Prescribed a Plan of Action

Follow the prescribed treatment plan under the care of Dr. Nicole and our staff.

03. Live an Abundant Healthier Life

Be happier, have a better mood and live an abundant life now.

Client Testimonial

"Losing weight has been a lifetime goal. Deciding to invest in my health was major. I had my doubts on the shots actually working. I admit I didn’t fully commit; and still lost weight. Family, friends and colleagues began to notice. I looked & felt different. It’s been 4 months and I’m convinced the plan works!! Thanks Dr Edwards "
Lisa Y.