About Abundant Life Concierge Medicine

We are a physician owned and operated medical office specializing in weight loss/management, hormone replacement and optimization, and the integrated treatment of mental health and chronic medical conditions.

On this website, abundantlifeconcierge.com, you will find services and programs for:

Our office is located at 736-K St. Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

Our office is run and operated by Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards.

Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, D.O.

About Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards

Dr. Nicole is a board certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician with over 15+ years experience in clinical medicine including full gamut family medicine scope of practice to include diagnosis, treatment, and assessment.

She helps Veterans apply for their compensation and pension benefits thru AbundantCandP.com.

She sells her Abundantly Natural Supplements on her website in her online store at https://drnicoledo.com/product-category/supplements.

Biote Supplements are also available for purchase at https://drnicoledo.com/product/biote-supplements/.

Dr. Nicole’s published books can also be found in her online store at https://drnicoledo.com/product-category/books/.