Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is just what the name says—a direct relationship between patient and physician without an insurance company in the middle.

Imagine: calling your doctor for an appointment at your convenience, not waiting hours at the office; not feeling anxious—because your doctor knows you; having enough time to bring up all of your concerns and later, being able to text your doctor directly to ask a follow-up question; plus, avoiding the frustrations of complicated insurance billing. This is what Abundant Life Concierge Medicine is all about.

In order to be a Member in my practice, you pay a monthly membership fee that covers all office visits, minor surgeries, limited vaccines, in-office testing and physicals with direct access me. Patients can also pay a fee for service option if you do not want to become a Member, but will not have direct access to me. There are no copays, deductibles or extra charges, and I do not bill your insurance company. (We can provide you with a statement that you can submit to your insurance company if they reimburse for out-of network care.)

Freedom from insurance companies means that I can care for you via email, Skype or phone if a face-to-face visit is not necessary. Regular office hours will be available, so we can accommodate all your primary care needs.

To be clear, you still need insurance for the large ticket items (hospitalizations, surgeries, MRI/CT, laboratory tests, etc.), but you don’t use it to see me.

Follow these Steps


Schedule your FREE 10-minute Phone Consultation to determine if you are eligible for concierge services.


Once you are approved, we will register you as a patient with our office.


We will email you a link to complete the patient intake paperwork through our Patient Portal.


Schedule your initial medical appointment with the doctor. This includes a physical, a lab draw, and discussion of your medical history.

The minimum is required to best learn about you and your healthcare needs. Both the joining fee and 6 months of membership are non-refundable but, after that, if a patient wants to leave the practice one month notification is all that is required. A convenient, automated online system is available for direct withdrawal from either your bank or a credit card.

Prior to joining you can request a free introductory visit with Dr. Nicole to discuss the Direct Primary Care model and see if this practice is a fit for you.

Membership Options

Membership Fees

  • $149 Enrollment fee
  • $79 per month monthly fee (must commit to 6 months of membership

Your Membership Includes

  • In Office Testing
  • Wellness and sick visits, routine screenings, chronic disease management
  • Electronic communications and virtual visits
  • Assistance with referrals and off-site testing
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Discounts on all procedures offered


  • Initial Appointment: $199 – INCLUDES LABS (60mins)
  • Follow-up Appointment: $149 (30mins)
  • In-Office Urgent Care: $89 (20mins)
  • Chronic Condition Telemedicine Follow-up: $99 (30mins)
  • Telemedicine Urgent Care: $49 (20mins)


Dr. Edwards made time the very next day for the exam. The exam was quick and very complete and when I left her office I had all the needed documents to submit to the VA. Dr. Edwards is very professional, competent and quick. I highly recommend her.

L. Alexander​

She is very thorough with her exams and listens to what you have to say concerning your disability. Dr Nicole by far would be my choice again and should make her your ONE AND ONLY choice if you are looking for someone to complete your DBQ’s."

A. Ellis

Dr. Edwards was very prompt in all our communications and by having me send my documents to her instead of an office visit was great. She is very professional, competent and quick. I do not think I could find anyone as good as her. I highly recommend her.

G. Lindahl​


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